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Sunday Thoughts after reading "Unreconciled" by Jesse Wente

A normal Sunday morning would mean a cup a tea and reading articles to support my PhD work. This would mean reading articles on decolonization and education. This Sunday I was curious to start a book I had just picked up from my local Indigenous book story, Iron Dog books. My friend Sara Davidson said it was a must read. She also said I should wait to read it until after I had done my school work, but I am not always good at listening to advise.

Wow, once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. So many great points and topics that Jesse addresses head on in his work. It was really impossible to put down. Jesse's brilliant way of using story to paint a picture of where he was and what was going on around him when he had to address so many heavy topics, he totally captivates you and leaves you wanting to know more. So not only was I reading his stories, I was also searching up online interviews that went along with his stories.

His book challenges the readers to think deeper, dig deeper into why we are where we are today within the colonial state of Canada. How we were purposefully not taught the history of this place in order for the colonial state to continue to push it's agenda of cultural genocide on Indigenous people of this land. Calling out the harm of Indigenous mascots, calling out the harm of cultural appropriation and calling out the Canadian government and their lack of action with the calls to action. Jesse's use of straight talk and story creates the space for the reader to look at their role in settler colonialism, their role as a Canadian, and that without being honest about this history, we will never be able to move forward in a good way. I highly this book to everyone!


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