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Indigenous Graduation
Requirements Workshops

Is your school, school district, or teaching team looking for some support with creating courses for the new Indigenous graduation requirements?

Then this 3 day workshop is for you! 

This is an invitation to step into the work of creating and cocreating the courses needed for the new BC Indigenous course requirements for graduation.  In this series of three workshops, you will be given the opportunity to learn about Indigenous history, education, and pedagogy for supporting your teaching practice with the new courses. The workshops will also provide space to ask questions, look at materials, learn about what you will need to know to teach the required courses. This interactive time together will allow you the space to create and build your course together with the guidance of Carolyn Roberts. Carolyn Roberts has been an educator for over 20 years and is currently a faculty member at SFU in their PDP program for preservice teachers. This time together will provide you with resources, guidance, and support in creating the Indigenous grade 12 BC course requirements.

Day 1: Education systems & colonization in relation to the courses your team is working on

  Day 2: Workshopping ideas and lesson planning

Day 3: Cocreating courses for the Indigenous graduation requirements

Each session is 90 minutes in length.

There will be opportunities for breakout group work, conversations and Q & A.

These workshops are created for small groups up to 20 people max. 

Examining Culturally Responsive Learning Environments 

Is your school, school district, or community looking to doing work in equity, diversity and inclusion? Then this is the program for you.

This is a 5 part series that focuses on Indigenous education and decolonizing. 

This is an invitation to step into the work of decolonizing teacher practice. In this series of five workshops, you will have opportunities to learn and unlearn the history of this land. Carolyn will take you on a walk through the building of Canada and how the colonial structures of Canada have harmed and continue to harm Indigenous people of this land. Within these conversations you will have the opportunity to deepen your understandings of colonization and how the education system has failed to teach us about Indigenous people of this land. From this work you will gain a deeper understanding of how this has shaped the Indigenous students within your classrooms. The journey will continue to support your learning as we unpack privilege, racism, and anti-racism. The conversations and work will help you explore and learn about practices that will support all learners within your classroom and school. The journey will then take you to what this looks like in practice. Giving opportunities to practice and apply your learning.

 So come and join Carolyn for this journey of how examining culturally responsive learning environments through Indigenous education and decolonizing teacher practice. 

Day 1: Education systems and the history of colonization 

Day 2: Locating Self and Privilege

Day 3: Anti-Racism – creating a culture of safety 

Day 4: Digging into decolonization in teacher practice

Day 5: Examining cultural safety as an outcome in our practice 


Each session is 90 minutes in length. There will be opportunities for break out group work, conversations and Q & A.  This series is designed for groups of 10 to 100 people.

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Cultural Appropriation 

Finding Authentic resources for the classroom. 

In this highly interactive 90 minute seminar, we will be unpacking how to look for authentic resources. In this work we will learn how to make sure that the voices we are bringing into our classrooms are the voices of those that have not been allowed the space before. Our conversation will give your team the opportunity to deepen your understandings of the harms of cultural appropriation and plant seeds for you to become a champion in selecting authentic resources.  

This workshop is 90 minutes long and designed for groups of 10 to 50 people.

Anti-Racism and Cultural safety
in the classroom

As we navigate our way through the current climate of social justice, this workshop will help support your team in understanding race and racism. 

In this highly interactive seminar 90 minute workshop, we will be unpacking privilege, race, and racism. We will learn how racism happens within classrooms. Then have opportunities to talk through how to address the harms that happen. Within these conversations you will have the opportunity to deepen your understandings and develop skills to address the harms.

This workshop is designed for 10 - 30 people.


Decolonizing Teacher Practice

How can we change what we do in the classroom to make sure we are connecting with all learners? Moving towards a decolonial teacher practice can help support your classroom learning environment for all students. 

In this 90 minute interactive workshop, you will be given opportunities to look at what decolonizing teacher practice looks like within a classroom. Carolyn will support your learning with opportunities to practice, discuss, and ask questions about decolonized teacher practice. This work is focused on creating classroom environments that will support all learners. 

This workshop is designed for 10-50 people.

All Workshops are 90 minutes in length. 

These can be in person or virtual.

Size of groups are listed.

Costs vary depending on the size of groups.

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“Always fills my heart and spirit to be present and witness your impactful work Carolyn.”

“So knowledgeable, well spoken, honest and relevant to what we all need to hear and learn. Powerful!”

“Thank you for making the time and space for us on Thursday. You have me thinking a lot about my individual role as an imperfect accomplice but also about larger systematic changes that are necessary. I hope to hear you speak again soon!”

“I enjoyed Carolyn Robert's discussion. I found her provocations invited deeper thinking and her resource recommendations to be useful and authentic. She was an inviting and honest Facilitator.”