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Through my educational journey I have created many Youtube videos. Some are on education, others are moments in time, and others are sharing Indigenous knowledge. Enjoy!

St Mary's Residential School Field Trip

This is a documentary of St Mary's Residential School and how the land is being used today as Heritage Park

Aboriginal cared for forest

886 First Nations Films here as teacher resources.


A discussion on how to incorporate Ethnomathematics into your teaching practice.


A poem written by my Grade 6 class. This is their reflections on Residential Schools.

UBC Graduation 2013

Convocation Speech Faculty of Education 2013

Vanessa Andreotti PhD

Shouldering our Colonial Backpack - A different Vision on Education

Doctrine of Discovery

Doctrine of Discovery—in the name of Christ. European descendants benefit from a violent history of land grabbing and genocide that was justified by patriotism and religion. This same theology formed an international legal structure that continues to dispossess Indigenous Peoples of their land. What does it mean to be a peacemaker today in a world where the present is defined by the violence of the past?

Indigenous Research Methods

Great place for learning about Aboriginal research and information

PAC Rim National Park Video

This video was made June 2013 about Pacific Rim National Park. The most beautiful place on earth!

Dr. Jo-Ann Archibald

Interview with Dr. Jo-ann Archibald

Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers audio recordings of his stories.


Dr Audra Simpson My primary research is energized by the problem of recognition, by its passage beyond (and below) the aegis of the state into the grounded field of political self-designation, self-description and subjectivity. This work is motivated by the struggle of Kahnawake Mohawks to find the proper way to afford political recognition to each other, their struggle to do this in different places and spaces and the challenges of formulating membership against a history of colonial imposition


A review of Cash Ahenakews paper "Grafting" The struggles of incorporating Aboriginal Ways of Knowing into the school system.

Button Blanket Education

A discussion on how the Button Blanket represents our education system

Yorkson Creek Journey to Reconciliat

Our school journey towards reconciliation.