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Carolyn Roberts

Speaker, Assistant Professor

Carolyn Roberts uses her voice to support Indigenous resurgence through education. She is a St’at’imc and Sto:lo woman belonging to the Thevarge family from N'quatqua Nation and the Kelly Family from the Tzeachten Nation and a  member of the Squamish Nation.  Carolyn is an Indigenous academic and Assistant Professor working in the Teacher Education Department of the  University of the Fraser Valley. She has been an educator and administrator for over 20 years in the K-12 system. Carolyn’s work is grounded in educating about Indigenous people and the decolonization of the education system. She works with pre-service teachers to help build their understandings in Indigenous history, education, and ancestral ways of knowing, to create a brighter future for all Indigenous people and the seven generations yet to come.


Decolonizing Assessment. BCPVPA Principl(ed) Magazine June 2023

Looking Back to Find a way forward: Teachings from my Ancestors. Papers on Postsecondary LEARNING AND TEACHING

University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching 2023

Can we Decolonize Assessment. Canadian Assessment for Learning Network Newsletter March 2023 

Finding Balance. BCPVPA Principl(ed) Magazine November 2020

Book Review: Troubling Truth & Reconciliation in Canadian Education. BCPVPA Principl(ed) Magazine November 2022

Deepening Indigenous Education and Equity: Supporting the Wholistic Success of Indigenous Learners, Families, and Communities in Maple Ridge- Pitt Meadows School Districts No. 42. Parent, A., Lin, G., Cojocaru, A., Roberts, C., Abera, T., Onipede, O. & Cheverie, C. (2021) 


Publications in process

Curriculum Resources Reviewer/Writer/Contributor 

Scholastic Teachers Guide Let’s Do Science Grade 3 Matter 

Scholastic Teachers Guide Let’s Do Science Grade 3 Wind, Water, and Ice 

Scholastic Biodiversity Science Books Grade 3

FNESC BC First Nations Lands, Title, and Governance 

Conference Presentations

Kapoor, A.; Oyemolade, O.; Roberts, C.; Saleh, M. (May 2022) Decolonizing Curriculum: Undoing Coloniality and Imagining Liberatory Futures. Jointly hosted by CIESC, CACS and CASIE. (online) 


Roberts, C. (May 1 2022) Teachings from our ancestors; What pedological practices from Indigenous ceremonies can help change our K-12 classrooms. University of Calgary. (Online) 


Roberts, C. (March 23, 2022) How Decolonized Teacher Practice Might Transform the Classroom. Dalhousie University 23rg Annual History Across the Disciplines Conference. Encountering Colonialism: Land, Lives, and Legacies. (online) 

Invited Professional Presentations 


Oct 4/5 2023: Reimagining & Restorying Education

North West Territories Administrators


Sept 1 2023: Reimagining & Restorying Education

Northwest Territories 

August 29, 2023: Reimagining & Restorying Education 

Surrey Schools 


July 2023: Circlework

BCPVPA Foundations Course. 

June 2023: Indigenous Education.

Sooke School DIstrict CUPE

May 2023: Circle Work

West Vancouver District wide Pro D Day 

May 2023: The Indigenous Experience in the University 

Capilano University Faculty Association 

April 2023: Culturally Inclusive Classrooms

Sooke SD Indigenous Education Team

March 2023 Decolonizing Teaching Practice

Vancouver Community College

February 2023: Cultural Appropriation: Finding Authentic Resources

Catholic Independent Schools Provincial wide Pro D day


November 2022: Walking Alongside Indigenous Education.

Vancouver School District


November 2022: Decolonizing Education, Indigenous Education

Bulkley Valley School District Indigenous Education Department.


November 2022: Circle Work: Building Community.

BCSSA Fall Conference 


October 2022: Circle Work: Building Community.

BCPVPA Connecting Leaders Conference.


October 2022: Circle Work: Building Community.

Richmond School District Principals and Vice Principals.

September 2022: Reconciliation and Education.

Richmond School District


July 2022: Circle Work: Building Community.

BCPVPA Foundations Course


April 2022: Indigenous Education and Decolonization,

Cowichan School District.


February 2022:Decolonizing Education

Qualicum School District (Online)


January 2022: Decolonizing Education

Decolonizing Together Symposium. (Online)


November 2021: Indigenous Education and Anti-Racism.

BCSSA Fall Conference (online) 


October 2021: Indigenous Education and Anti-Racism.

Victoria School District (online)


September 2021: Indigenous Brilliance

Prince Rupert School District


February 2021: Indigenous Education and Anti-Racism.

UBC Frist Generation Student Union GenOne Conference. (online)

June 2020: Decolonizing & Indigenous Education

Vancouver School Board (online)


November 2020: Indigenous Antiracism and Decolonization

Vancouver School Board (online)


November 2020: Indigenous Education and Anti-Racism 

Capilano University (online)

May 2016: Weaving Aboriginal ways of knowing and Ethnomathematics

University of British Columbia Indigenous Math Symposium 

Invited Presentations/Workshops

Examining Culturally Responsive Learning Environments 4-5- part series


Surrey School District 2023

Feb 1,8, 15, 22, March 29

Sooke School District 2022/23

Oct. 12, Nov. 3, Nov. 23, Jan 11/23, March 6/23

Richmond School District 2022

Oct. 7, Oct 28, Nov. 18, Dec 2

Victoria School District 2022/23

Feb 16, March 2, March 16, April 13 & 27 

Nov 9, Dec 7

Surrey School District 2022

Oct 5, Oct 19, Nov 2, Nov 16, Nov 30


Indigenous Graduation Requirements 3-part workshop series 


Vancouver School District 2023

Jan 18, Feb 14, March 7

Vancouver School District 2022

Nov 8, Nov 29, Oct 18

Crofton House 2022

June 23, Sept 6, Nov 8



Decolonizing Teacher Practice 


Surrey Teacher Association May 5, 2023

Sea to Sky SD May 5, 2023

Pear Tree School April 2023

James McKinney Elementary Fab 17, 2023

Surrey Schools Focus Day Feb 24, 2023

BCPVPA  Feb 24, 2022

Duncan School District  May 6, 2022

Surrey School District May 25, 26, 2022

Peace River School District  Oct 23, 24, 2022

Langley School District  May 11, 2022

New Westminster School District  May 20, 2022

Bulkley Valley School District  November 14 2022

Victoria Middle Schools Collaboration  Jan 24, 2022

Waldorf Private School  March 2021

Capilano University ECE program Sept 14, 2021



Decolonizing Assessment 
Canadian Assessment for Learning Network May 8, 2023
Reconciliation in Education 


Surrey Sept 27, 2022

Richmond Sept 23. 2022


Circle Work: Building Community


HSA April 2023

Salmon Arm SD January 27, 2023

Maple Ridge School District  Nov 24, 2022, April 11 2023



Cultural Appropriation


Victoria SD May 19, 2023

Coquitlam SD May 2023

Surrey School District May 5, 2022

New Westminster School District  May 20, 2022

Delta School District Feb 18, 2022

Vancouver   Nov 16, 2021


Anti-Racism Workshop 


Surrey Schools May 2023

BCTF  Feb 4, 2022

BCPVPA Feb 28, 2022

Health Science Association Jan 24, May 18, 2022



Community Building 


Revelstoke School District 2022 May 18, 2022

Capilano University welcome Sept 5, 2021


Decolonizing Music education


Music Arts Collective/ Surrey Schools   Feb 14, 2021