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Indigenous History Month 

Our daily videos of history bites over the month of June talks about lesson plans, books, and resources for learning about Indigenous people and history of this land. Here is where you will find all the resources I talk about in the videos! Enjoy the learning. 


June 1

Bead Time Line with Suzanne Camp.

June 2

Mary Two Axe Early

Indigenous Woman's Rights Activist fought the Indian Act and won! 

June 3

Colonization has drastically changed the landscape of this land. How that happened and what it looks lies can be found in  thees books. 

June 4

Indigenous Change Maker

Dr Cindy Blackstock. Her website is filled with lesson plans, books, videos, and resources to tech about the human rights of Indigenous children 

June 5

The Acts that paved the way to the Indian Act. Find out more in the links for lesson plans and resources.

June 6

Reserve Land. What is it? How did it come to be? Here you can find out some more information.

June 7

Re-Storying Education: Decoloinzing your Practice with a Critical lens

June 8

Indigenous Trail Blazer Verna Kirkness changed education as we know it today in Canada, her strength and passion made education better for Indigenous people 

June 9

White Paper to UNDRIP. How actions in Canada lead to the making of UNDRIP.

June 10

Relocation and amalgamation of Indigenous communities. The impacts and harms that this did to Indigenous people of this land. 

June 11

It runs in the family George Manuel & Author Manuel. These men fought tirelessly for Indigenous land rights and for the rights of Indigenous people. They are people you should know. 

June 12

United Nations to the 60's Scoop. How the evolving human rights conversations around the world lead to the 60's scoop.

June 13

 Sen̓áḵw is a Squamish Natin Village that was stolen from their community and now is being returned after 100 years. 

June 14

Re-Storying Education: Decoloinzing your Practice with a Critical lens

June 15

Murray Sinclair is a change maker and trail blazer for Indigenous people and the justice system in Canada. Learn more about him here.

June 16


June 17

Alaska Highway

June 18

Elijah Harper

June 19

Potlatch & Sundance Ban was detrimental to Indigenous languages, culture, and history. For over 70 years Indigenous people were not allowed to celebrate their culture under the law.

June 20

Things we aren't told and the impacts of hiding the truth. Listen to this amazing podcast about a bomb that was scattered across the NWT.

June 21

Re-Storying Education:

Decolonizing your Practice with a Critical Lens

June 22

Phil Fontaine

June 23

BC Treaties

June 24

Protecting Mother Earth and the stand off at Lyell Island. The agreement that was made between the Haida and government was before its time. Learn more here. 

June 25

In order to make change we as Indigenous people need to be at the tables were decisions happen. But is it a safe place to be? Have a listen to these women. 

June 26

The Mi'kmaq signed a Peace and Friendship Treaty in 1700s that agreed that the Mi'kmaq had rights to hunt and fish on their own lands. 

June 27

The courts system lets down Indigenous youth at an alarming rate, find out more in these lesson plans and movies. 

June 28

Architects of the IRSS. These men are honoured in history with leading education and the country but what is missing from that? Learn more here.

June 29

Re-Storying Education: Decoloinzing your Practice with a Critical lens

June 30

Thanks so much for listening for the month of June for Indigenous history Month. Looking forward to seeing more of you.

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