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Carolyn Roberts
Author, Speaker, Educator, Assistant 

Carolyn Roberts is a renowned educator, speaker and storyteller with a wealth of experience and expertise in Indigenous education and decolonization. She is a St’at’imc and Sto:lo woman belonging to the Thevarge family from N'quatqua Nation and the Kelly Family from the Tzeachten Nation and a member of the Squamish Nation. Throughout her illustrious career as an educator and administrator for over 20 years, she has consistently demonstrated a passion for supporting Indigenous resurgence through education.

Currently Carolyn holds the position as an Indigenous academic and Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education Department of the University of the Fraser Valley. Her dedication to building teachers’ understandings in Indigenous history, education, and ancestral ways of knowing has not only garnered her recognition within education community, but it has also had a positive impact on the decolonizing of the education system.

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Re-Story Education: Decolonzing your practice with a critical lens
Book Coming Sept 10, 2024!

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