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My passion is Indigenous Education and history. I believe in the power of education and what it is able to provide us in moving forward in the truth and reconciliation process. It is my hope to be a part of the healing process that comes from educating about the Truth and Reconciliation Report and calls to action. I want to be able to support Indigenous education and to encourage the change within our communities. I believe there is a new bright path for Indigenous people in Canada and I want to be a part of the new path of hope for my ancestors, for our children, and for seven generations yet to come. 

Talks and Presentations 

Victoria SD High School and Middle School Keynote Pro D Days


Prince Rupert  SD Celebrating Indigenous Genius Conference 


Decolonizing Together Conference UBC/SFU January 2022


UBC Teacher Education  Pro D Presentation

BC School Superintendents  Association Virtual Fall Conference 2021


BC Principles and Vice Principal  Leading for Equity  Series


BC Principals and Vice Principals Short Course


Capilano University ECE Conference 

Whistler Waldorf  Professional Development Sessions

Surrey School District Decolonizing the Music Classroom 

Dismantling White Supremacy in the Classroom Conference 

UBC First Generation Student Union Conference Key Note

UBC Indigenous Math Symposium:  Ethnomathimatics. 

SFU Masters  Cohort Indigenous Pedagogy 

TEDx Langley Reconciliation in your Community 

Raven Speak: It's time to change the conversation


UBC Education Convocation Speech 

Pro D Days within Langley School District, Indigenous Math, Indigenous Story Telling, Indigenous Pedagogy 

Welcoming Heart and Mind Conference 2018

Indigenous Education for Indigenous Women in Leadership Conference 

Welcome to SFU Chancellors Dinner 2019

Plus many more...

Indigenous History month welcome
Ryerson Day 28
Day 30
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