Background on Indian Reserves in BC

Background on Indian Reserves in British Columbia

Student Behind the Books

BC Teachers Understanding the BC Treaty Process

Grass Close Up

History of Reserves in Canada

Field Sunset

7 First Nations Land Claims that made headlines

Old Book

The Royal Proclamation and how it affects Aboriginals today SFU

Boys Running

The Tyee series on"We weren't supposed to survive"


Why Treaties are worth fighting for

Back Yard

Lesson Resource Kit: The James Bay Treaty Grade 8

Vintage Bookstore

Powell River experience from BC Treaty Association

Old Book

Background on Canada's Indian Act

Black Shoes

The Tyee, The Long road to Treaty

Forest Scene

Self Government Landscape

Lake Landscape

Lesson Plan: For Teachers - James Bay Project: Pro and Con

Coastline at Sunset

Tsawwassen: Moving forward, without reservations

Winter Islands

Delta First Nations treaty worth $120m


Tsawwassen First Nation moving from managing poverty to managing wealth


When the government fails to honour its commitments

Piles of Books

Treaties from 1760 - 1923: Two sides to the story

United States Court House

How Land claims are submitted, negotiated

Country Road

Common approach: the Innu people’s long road to a treaty


Aboriginal Rights Teacher Background for Lessons

Time Line

Aboriginal Rights Lesson Plan time line

Grade 11 Lesson Plan

Aboriginal Rights Lesson plan Grade 11

Fall Tokens

Aboriginal Rights for Primary Sources

Map in Grass

Easy guide for the History of Reserves in Canada

Forest Path

Article on how some Aboriginal Groups are rethinking Treaties