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3 Part Series-
Indigenous Education &
creating a culture of safety

This is an invitation to step into the work of decolonizing teacher practice. In this series of three workshops, you will have opportunities to learn and unlearn the history of this land. Carolyn will take you on a walk through the building of Canada and how the colonial structures of Canada have harmed and continue to harm Indigenous people of this land. Within these conversations you will have the opportunity to deepen your understandings of colonization and how the education system has failed to teach us about Indigenous people of this land. From this work you will gain a deeper understanding of how this has shaped the Indigenous students within your classrooms. The journey will continue to support your learning as we unpack privilege, racism, and anti-racism. The conversations and work will help you explore and learn about practices that will support all learners within your classroom and school. The journey will then take you to what this looks like in practice. Giving opportunities to practice and apply your learning.

So come and join Carolyn for this journey of how examining culturally responsive learning environments through Indigenous education and decolonizing teacher practice. 

All sessions are wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 PM on zoom

April 12- Day 1: Education systems and the history of colonization 

April 19- Day 2: Locating Self and Privilege

April 26 - Day 3: Anti-Racism – creating a culture of safety

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