Indigenous Community T.I.P's

(Trauma Informed Practice)


Creating space for community

Is your organization looking for insight and education about Indigenous people in Canada? Are you wanting to provide your staff with a foundation of Indigenous history in order to gain a deeper understanding of working along side and with Indigenous people and communities? 

If your organization is looking for sensitivity training and education about the Indigenous history of Canada then this course will support you and your staff gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of how Canada was created and the affects of it's creation on Indigenous people. Understanding the history of Canada will help you and your staff with their relationships with Indigenous communities and people. 

This course is split into 6 days, each day is 3-4 hours long. Different from the 4 day course, this course goes more in-depth with the material, which will also include Trauma Informed Practice. When an organization is working directly with Indigenous communities and people, it is necessary to understand and be capable to identify trauma. This course specifically works with this language and education surrounding trauma informed practice. The course will also include active participation activities, readings, large group and small group discussions. The days will be facilitated towards what your company needs for information. Topics for the days include  Indian Residential school system, colonization, Indigenous current events, Truth& Reconciliation Commission, Calls to Action, Laws, Acts and Policies about Indigenous peopl


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